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3 Steps for Organizing Digital Photos

Someone else’s discarded memories.

A few days ago I attended an organized, Girl’s Night Out event hosted by Boutiques of Mercer Street in Dripping Springs. A couple of hundred women or more ducked in and out of the sweltering heat for an opportunity to sip and shop.

Drippin’ Pickin’, a vintage shop filled with must-have treasures uniquely displayed outside their door beckons passersby to stop in and look. I certainly fell for it and as my eyes feasted on nostalgic lovelies, I spied a basket with a small sign that read, “Free Photos”.

My heart sank. Free photos. Someone else’s discarded memories. I thumbed through the pictures and read sentiments written on the back. Words meant for someone else. Now meaningless to the original recipient, yet they struck a chord in my sentimental heart. A portrait of a teenage boy on one side and “This is something for your garden (a scarecrow) Love Vance” on the back.

Another photograph of a young lady given to a teacher in 1966: “To one of the most wonderful teachers in Centerville High School. Besides of learning the fundamentals of a secretary I’ve learned many of the everyday common courtesies that come from being one of your students. Always, Annette”

This experience motivated me to ponder, “What am I doing with my photos?” “What stories am I telling or failing to tell?”

Where are your photos? Are most of them residing on a smart phone? If that is the case you may want to take these three steps to avoid losing them.

  1. Back up photos from your phone to a cloud or a computer (make sure computer files are backed up to a cloud account or an external hard drive.)
  2. Organize digital photos using a software program. Or, a Mac or Windows computer typically comes with free photo organization software. On a computer, digitally sort photos into separate file folders. You may want general folder names such as Christmas, vacations, pets, house, Family, etc.
  3. Set aside some time each week, or month to add tags to your photos or organize them in a digital photo program.

There are free sites to store and organize photos such as, Google Photos and for free organization software and photo editing check out Zoner Photo Studio.

To set aside time to organize photos and tell your stories, consider a girlfriend getaway scrapbooking retreat.

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