It was Thursday and I was in a rush with last-minute details before hosting a scrapbooking group arriving in a few hours. Belinda called stating she had heard BellaVida was a wonderful place for a scrapbooking retreat. “Are you interested in attending a retreat or hosting a retreat?” She said she has been trying to get in with a group from San Antonio. I knew the group she was referring to and yes, they fill their spaces at BellaVida quickly. I mentioned that I had one opening for this retreat. She said she could be here in a few hours.

Belinda arrived and immediately a cheerful delight to be around – full of enthusiasm. I admire her spontaneity at coming at the last-minute and her fearlessness to join in with a group of ladies she did not know. Not only that, to share a bedroom with a newfound friend.

Though this is how things roll in many scrapbooking groups. It’s an immediate bond among women with a single cause to get their photos and stories into scrapbooks for future generations.
I also admired Belinda’s cute red purse and complimented her on what a darling bag she had. “In a few hours I’ll ask if you can tell what my favorite color is.” I grinned as I glanced around the room with several accent pieces of furniture in RED.

Thursday to Sunday passes quickly and it was time to say goodbye. “I want you to have this” and Belinda handed me her red purse. Surprised and overwhelmed I responded, “You can’t give me your red purse!” She responded, “It’s time for a change and I want you to have it.”
“Can I give you the shirt off my back?” I asked and we laughed. I really would have given it to her. I reckon she didn’t want my well-worn BellaVida logo shirt. In case you’re wondering, of course she emptied out the contents of the purse!

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