Ice Cream and Popcorn Toppings DIY Container

Sometimes one thought leads to another and it happened that way on a recent visit to Dripping Springs Delights, a distinctive ice cream store with a fun, unique shopping experience: an artisan marketplace. I was there helping my friend, Diane who owns Baloo Designs rework some of her new inventory. Baloo Designs has some really, cool, personalized gifts!

I was intrigued by the Mason jars with black flip-top lids Dripping Springs Delights uses for their ice cream toppings. An idea popped into my head:

At BellaVida Bed and Breakfast & Retreat Center we offer complimentary popcorn and ice cream for our guests. It’s available 24/7 in our Great Room. The Dripping Springs Delights inspired idea is it would be distinctively different to offer toppings for the ice cream and popcorn. Have you ever mixed cherry licorice bites in your popcorn? It’s friend, Janet’s favorite popcorn mixer.

At Walmart I purchased a 6-pack galvanized holder for $9.98 that comes with six mason jars, lids, and cute red and white-striped straws. However, for this project the lids and straws aren’t needed, so I’ve saved them for later. Then on Amazon I ordered, somewhat pricey (2 for $9.98) red flip-top lids with a pour spout. Did I mention red is my favorite color? The choice was black or red. Which color would you choose? All-in-all this cute little “idea” cost me $40.

I created “toppings” tags, laminated them, and attached two to the galvanized holder so guests would know they’re

the popcorn or ice cream. You can download the tags too for your own toppings bar. Have fun!

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