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Born to Shop, Yes, Really!

I was born to shop! You may think, uh, huh, but really, I was well trained in the school of shopping, and quite innocently.

My dad was the shopper in the family. He bought the groceries, took us kids to buy our school clothes and a great deal of mindless shopping.

I grew up in the days when store clerks tended to customers and gave them attention. More times than I can recall, a clerk greeted us and then asked my dad “What can I help you with today?” He would reply, “Oh, I’m just shoplifting around.”  That certainly got their attention or busted them that they weren’t paying attention if they weren’t jolted by his reply. I’d like to say the joke got old, but watching their expression was, pardon the pun, priceless.

Speaking of prices, my dad could spot a sale a mile away. It was comically predictable what was to transpire upon the return of his trips to the grocery store. As he unloaded groceries from family size brown paper sacks he quoted the sales prices similar to the checker who has just rung them on a register – with great emphasis on the savings. “I got these, three for $1.89. And this was buy one, get two free.”

Friday night sleepover entertainment with my friends was to peruse the kitchen cabinets and count the bottles of catsup, or peanut butter, or whatever. One time Zest soap was giving away a free toy car shrink-wrapped to the packaging. Mother was an elementary school teacher. Daddy bought enough soap for 30 students to receive a toy car as a Christmas gift. I’m certain we got at least a year’s supply of soap for our large family out of the deal and more shock and awe from my friends.

And now I’m the one who is a shopaholic. My friends often ask, “How come you always find the best deals?” or “You always find such cool stuff!” I suppose is breaks down to a numbers game. If you shop often enough you’re bound to find the bargains and unique items.

Follow along on my shopping trips and enjoy the finds. Better yet, stay with us at BellaVida Bed and Breakfast and Retreat Center and we’ll introduce you to interesting boutiques, the best places to go junking in the numerous resale shops, and unique places to dine in the Wimberley area.

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