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covered porch

From Ordinary to Extraordinary – the transformation of a covered porch

“Before” look of huge covered porch.

Some people actually envision their ideas and the long wait to reality can be maddening. When I first laid eyes on the huge covered porch on the back of the house my husband and I purchased I was determined it must be screened. And for almost three years I looked at what “could be” while working with what I had. It was still a wonderful covered porch fifty feet long and twelve feet deep.

We started a bed and breakfast and hosting retreat groups therefore ample dining space and causal seating is needed for the porch, a popular place for breakfast. We purchased three patio tables – seating for twelve which was enough until we added onto the house.

On Pinterest I had seen a futon converted into a porch swing and knew I wanted one to complete the future look of a screened porch. My husband is not fond of the creative ways I find to spend money. To my delight an old futon “fell from heaven.” I found it dumped near a local business. Fortunately, I drive a pick-up and the thrill had my adrenalin pumping enough for this sexagenarian to haul it up into the back of the truck all by herself. The futon slept in the barn for three years.

January 2017 the screening of the porch was complete and I wasted no time painting the futon. I used Amy Howard chalk paint. There’s no prep work for the wood except to wipe it clean. Though after sitting in the barn for three years, a power sprayer was used and the futon was allowed to dry for several days. Two coats of chalk paint, a light sanding to give it an aged look, and then a clear outdoor sealer to protect it from the weather.

For a mattress, I purchased a futon with mattress for $50 via a Facebook local online garage sale group. The mattress had a removable cover over the heavy canvass fabric. I ordered via Amazon a weather proof fade-resistant outdoor mattress cover and slipped it on.  Of course it needed comfy throw pillows too! The free futon that fell from heaven wasn’t completely free considering the cost of paint, mattress, cover and pillows, but sitting or sleeping on it is HEAVENLY!

There’s a story, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.” A similar fact is true:  “If you screen a porch and hang a swing, you’ll want a farmhouse table.”

A local carpenter built a table that seats 16 using repurposed wood. The mismatched chairs didn’t fall from heaven – just saying. I suppose the post is back around to the point of why husbands don’t like wives spending money!

Tell us what you think of the porch transformation. Any suggestions for improvements?

“Before” patio furniture on an open porch. “After” re-purposed futon made into a porch swing on the newly screened porch.
“Before” patio furniture on an open porch. “After” re-purposed wood used to build a farmhouse table for sixteen. The 1940’s stove is used for a buffet.

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