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diy greenhouse

From Vintage Windows to Potting Shed

When it comes to honey-do lists and creative quests, I consider myself a motivational speaker. My husband, Steve considers it nagging. And somewhere in the tug-of-war an idea progresses from concept to completion.

For a few years now, every time I look at the well house, I envision that junky open corner as a winter greenhouse and a summer garden shed made of vintage windows.

BellaVida well house

This year’s first freeze warning we frantically moved the heavy containers of potted plants from the porches into the garage like we do every year where they get leggy from lack of light. And the smaller pots of flowers and succulents covered my kitchen counters and bordered the walls of the living room. I dreaded the cycle of in and out with each freeze we would endure over the winter – again.

It is often quoted that we must hear a message a jillion times before we make a change and I suppose Steve heard my motivational message a jillion times about how nice it would look, and be, to have a winter greenhouse made of old windows on the open corner of the well-house. And he made a change. He built the potting shed – winter greenhouse I envisioned. (Thank you, Steve!)

I’ve collected old windows from thrift stores and from individuals selling them on Facebook buy-sell groups.  I have another project in mind…much bigger than this one!

Potting shed – winter greenhouse.
Steve hanging the door, then on to filling the openings with recycled vintage windows.

Plants in for the winter.

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