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Heart and Soul

Guests often ask, “Do you ever take a break?” And yes, we do. We’re taking a break right now. I blocked the first eight days of August. It is difficult to tell callers we have no “room at the inn.” It’s Market Day weekend, a busy time for Wimberley, and we are taking a break.

I slept in really late this morning – a rarity. As I dozed I thought I hadn’t been sleeping yet realized I must have been sleeping because I dreamed. As I thought about a dream, I realized the two dogs I had been petting were two, long gone, well-loved and missed, dachshunds. I wish I had realized as I dreamed that in reality they were “gone” and that short visit would have been all the sweeter. Sometimes I’m aware in a dream a person or beloved pet is no longer here.  So, after I got out of bed I scrolled through photos on my phone to revisit them again with fond remembrance.

I’m catching up on daily devotionals. I’ve fallen a few days behind. I don’t have an agenda for the day, only a feeling there is something I should be doing. That feeling is often with me! I wonder if there is something of a higher priority I should be doing, or if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, what would I be doing? Did I lose you on that one?

I mean, Steve and I chose to run a bed and breakfast as a “retirement career” and we are really, really busy every day of the week, all day. I frequently ask Steve, are we doing the right thing? Will we look back when we’re older with any regrets that we spent our time, in this chapter of life, in our 60’s and 70’s decades staying so busy? What would we be doing if we weren’t doing this? Truthfully, we’re both workaholics and we would be busy doing something.

One of the devotionals I’m reading has recipes scattered throughout the book. I’ve used several for breakfasts. This has inspired me to pull out a stack of bed and breakfast cookbooks and revisit the pages marked with sticky notes. Yes, I’ll try something new!

My time of rest, or break is spent thinking about BellaVida, new recipes to try, the need to blog, and write that long overdue newsletter, replying to business emails and confirming reservations.

The bottom line: we really enjoy this chapter in life. Hard work is good for the heart and soul!

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  1. I think staying busy is good medicine and staying busy together can be actually be good for relationships. At least that’s what I think! Clark and I enjoy working on our rent house and our residential projects together. We were talking about that yesterday as we were laying new flooring. I told him that this was kinda like a date where you go do an activity together! We enjoy the process and then the satisfaction of our finished project!!

    1. “Kinda like a date” – what an idea! Thank you for sharing your story and great suggestion!

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