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A Day in the Life of a Bed and Breakfast Inn Keeper

It’s amazing to look back over my life and see how each experience prepared me to own and operate a bed and breakfast. My first “real job” was at a gifts and jewelry store where among many tasks, I created beautiful table settings of china, crystal, flatware and linens for the store window. Now I have the opportunity to create beautiful table settings for guests alternating among the numerous dishware collections some of them gifts from guests!


Years later, I managed commercial office buildings overseeing the day-to-day operations of a high-rise office building collecting rent, supervising maintenance, and assuring the cleanliness of the building. Running a bed and breakfast is similar – just on a much a smaller scale!

The most challenging job of all was rearing children! During that season I had a home-based business of photo journaling and hosting scrapbooking retreats. This provided the business experience to host bed and breakfast guests and to assist others who host their own retreats at BellaVida – not to mention the practical experience of making beds and cooking breakfast for six children!

After the kids grew up, there was time to garden in our small yard in Austin, Texas. BellaVida’s property is over eight acres with much bigger gardening challenges. I often remind myself, “Don’t get overwhelmed looking at the whole place. Just focus on what is right around the inn and expand out from there.”  Actually, this approach works in most areas of life. Narrow the focus, accomplish what you can, and expand from there.

Read on for “a day in the life” of a bed and breakfast innkeeper and owner. I assure you, there’s never a dull moment!

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