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It’s not about the Painting

I’d rather run naked through a frat house than have anything to do with a canvas and a paintbrush. When I’m invited to a wine and paint party I think to myself, “I’d have to be drunk to paint a picture.” At least I would have an excuse as to why mine would look like a five-year-old painted it.

So when Sara Thurman graciously offered me a complimentary space at her workshop, “Hearing God’s Voice in the Creative Process” conveniently located at my place, BellaVida, I was glad I had an excuse to decline. Sara had tables set with an easel and several sizes of canvases for each participant.

Honestly, I was afraid to hear from God in this setting. Hearing from God is not always a pleasant experience and I was afraid I would receive a hefty lesson in humility. God has gifted me with creativity, writing, and other gifts. Drawing and painting is not one of them. I could just see myself at the conclusion of Sara’s workshop sitting among the group. When it was my turn to show my painting and share what I had heard from God, my lesson in humility would begin.

It’s not about the painting. I know because I was a “fly on the wall” at one of Sara’s retreats hosted at BellaVida. It is all about hearing from God and these ladies were moved by their personal experience. I could feel it in my spirit.

“The emphasis was not on the end product, but what we heard and experienced internally as a process. Our painting was the product of connection with God” is how Sara explained it in her recently released book, “Small Beginnings – A Journey to the Impossible.”

From the moment I started reading Sara’s story, I could see my own story unfolding. Her personal stories compel us to believe we are who God says we are. We are His created and He has big plans for us.  “Small Beginnings” inspires me to spend more personal time with God so I can hear His voice with clarity.

And if God wants me to paint, I will (with my clothes on!)

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