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Quite Contrary, how does your Garden Grow? – a gardening photo journal

The kitchen junk drawer works fairly well for storing the plastic informational tags that come with potted plants. I have a hefty pile of them. Now, staring at the images of plants long forgotten I had even planted I need to monitor what plant I’ve tried in a specific location. Then if it dies I won’t repeat with a similar one in the same setting. I’m baffled at why a particular variety does well in one location and not another when the sunlight conditions are the same.

Looking back at photos of the flower beds from 2014 to the present I am surprised and disappointed at the transformation. Surprised at how different it all looked and disappointed to see the variety of native flowers and shrubs I had planted with no visible evidence they ever existed except for this image. What happened to the plants and why?

I am careful to select native, drought tolerant plants and to place them in the soil and light conditions suggested on the small plastic nursery tag that comes with the plant. Hold that thought… I say soil conditions, but I can’t do a whole lot about the type of soil on the property. The “thought” is what to do with the plastic tag in the event I want to refer to the information.

Gardening journal using a pocket-style photo album.

Target Stores have clearance items on their end caps. On one was a pretty photo album with clear pockets inside and lines to journal down the center. It’s perfect for holding empty seed packs, the plastic plant tags and photos of new plants and “after” shots of how nice or dead it looks. Organization problem solved!

Printing a wallet size photo for a gardening journal.

I use an HP Sprocket to print wallet size photos. The color ink is in the Zink paper and it has a peel and stick feature – love it! I have everything organized together. If only I could tackle that junky kitchen drawer!

Gardening photo journal.

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