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Six Unique Things to do in Wimberley

“I’ll take you anywhere in the world you want to go for our anniversary,” my husband offered. I pondered this for a few weeks. ANYWHERE in the world. Where did I want to go?

Perhaps I should mention now, I was already booked to accompany him on a 10-day business trip to Malaysia, my second one there where I had enjoyed our hotel while he worked. I read books, wasted time on my laptop, got a massage, walked to the nearby mall for lunch, and people watched. At the end of his work-week we would spend a few days sight-seeing.

Now I could select an anniversary location anywhere in the world. I thought of our previous anniversaries, not the milestone this one was, where we often spent a weekend at a bed and breakfast. San Antonio at the River Walk, another in the King William Historic District, Fredericksburg shopping before it became a wine-tasting destination. I would say, all of them we walked and shopped and often took in a movie. And now, I could go anywhere in the world!
“I know where I’d like to go for our anniversary. Summers Mill and stay in the Lone Star Cabin.” It’s a wonder Steve didn’t fall dead. Summers Mill was an hour drive from our home and a place I had hosted annual scrapbooking retreats for more than a decade.

This was the best anniversary celebration. We practically had the place to ourselves. We walked the creek, talked to the exotic animals, sat on the cabin porch, and went through our scrapbooks. We read our old love letters to one another and our sentimental cards. I must confess Steve is the thoughtful romantic and secretly brought the mementos.
“Could I just dream with you for a minute?” I asked. “Someday when you retire, I’d like to move to a small town, maybe start a little bed and breakfast, plant a garden.”
His response: “I can till a garden too, just don’t nag me.”

So here we are, “we’re living the dream” as we say to each other tongue-in-cheek” when we’re exhausted. If Steve offers to take me anywhere in the world I want to go for our anniversary, this time I’ll choose BellaVida Bed and Breakfast. We can sit out on the screened porch, talk to the chickens, watch the sunset, reminiscence, and wonder who is cooking breakfast for us?

However, there are numerous romantic things to do in the Wimberley area. Here are a few unique ideas to WOW your special one.

Six Unique things to do in Wimberley

Dinner at Trattoria Lisina, Linda’s Fine Food, or Jobell
Climb to the top of Old Baldy (it has stairs)
Walk along Cypress Creek in Blue Hole Park
Visit local wineries or local shops for wine tasting
Local Breweries for Texas Craft beer
Watch the sunset at The Shady Llama

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