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What were we Talking About?

Girlfriend Getaway

It’s been awhile since we played in the dirt together, but we haven’t forgotten how to play. We’ve celebrated girlfriend getaways annually since creeping into our 60’s. We are bound by our Plainview, Texas  roots, growing up together, some, literally since the First Baptist Church Cradle Roll.

We meet at BellaVida Bed and Breakfast in Wimberley, TX each spring and take in the beauty of the wildflowers right off the screened back porch as we sip and talk for hours. This year we reminisced about adolescent pranks and high school. One in mid-sentence and asks, “What are we talking about?”     Then  we “remember when” about various couples  in high school, go round and round in the discussion only to realize we had the wrong last name for Randy, or Mike, or whomever. (No wonder our recollections weren’t quite connecting.)

Right down the highway from BellaVida, is Plainview Road, which may have been one of our weekend highlights.

Pole dancing for those over 60.

Just like “back then” when we passed the time on a hot summer day popping hot asphalt bubbles in the street, it doesn’t take much to excite us. One unassuming driver was corralled into taking our photo when she pulled up to the stop sign with her passenger window partly down. (It was a flash-back moment when the arrival of the hippie-looking van with flowers painted all over it  prompted one of us to spring into action and solicit the driver.)

One of our outings was to Wimberley Gardens, a darling local garden center, where owner, Jennie Horvath hosted a private party for us. We played in the dirt again like old times, (some still don’t like to get their hands dirty) as we learned ideas for creating beautiful arrangements using succulents.

Owner Jennie Horvath
Playing in the dirt at Wimberley Gardens.

As each year slips away, we are more cognizant of how blessed we are to have grown up in the small town of Plainview, Texas during the 1960’s. And there is more to our girlfriend getaway shenanigans but that’s another story.

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